Van Wieren

Since 1945

Leaflet Van Wieren Special BV


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      Randweg 28 | 8304 AS Emmeloord, the Netherlands
      T +31 (0)527-634310 | F +31 (0)527-634333

Speciaal TransportHeavy, oversized and special transport using low loaders and cranes in various configurations

Founded in 1945 and located in Emmeloord, the Netherlands, with branches in Rotterdam and Konz (D). Your ISO certified logistics service provider with more than 70 years’ experience and expertise. Exceptional and special transport with low-loaders and cranes. Also storage and trans-shipment capacity, own garage and washing facility (both units also available to third parties) and multiple additional and complementary service providing (including project forwarding, assembly and dismantling of cranes).

Van Wieren Special Scale model

Garage and washing room

To safeguard the quality and continuity of the fleet, Van Wieren has a well-equipped and APK-approved garage and NAO-certified washing area. We also carry out various types of work on behalf of third parties.

Storage and handling

As a customer, an option is to store your equipment and/or stock at Van Wieren, or alternatively Van Wieren can manage this for you.