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Exceptional transports are transports that are particularly wide, long, heavy and/or high. That particular type of transport involves a lot more than driving from location a to location b. Both the planners and the drivers require a lot of specialised knowledge. They have a lot of knowledge of the machines to be transported and other aspects such as the routes to take, permits and safety. Our company has 2 branches: Emmeloord and Konz, Germany.

Transport and distribution up to 120 ton

Van Wieren Special BV is specialised in transporting and distributing of self-propelled machines up to a weight of 120 tons. Those machines, often destined for road building, industry, agriculture can be built both on tyres or caterpillars. In addition, Van Wieren Special BV also transports any other exceptional freight such as for example (parts for) wind turbine parks, gas turbines, pipe ducts, etc.

Many low loaders and semi- low loaders are available in various versions. Besides road transport we daily use short-sea services for unassisted and assisted transport to destinations such as, currently, the Scandinavian countries. We work closely together with fixed local partners who carry out the transport to the final destination for us. But Van Wieren Special BV remains responsible for the total journey and is also your sole contact person.

Extra services

We also provide the following additional services at our location in Emmeloord and partially in Konz, Germany:

  • Storage and handling of machines and/or other types of loads
  • Packaging of goods
  • Building and dismantling of cranes
  • Custom activities
  • Repair and/or assembly work
Autonomous loading and unloading

Van Wieren Special BV also has several vehicles with cranes of up to 110 ton/metre for autonomous loading and unloading of the load. These combinations are mainly deployed for the transport of building materials and heavy units. Obviously they are operated by qualified drivers who know their job and expertly can operate the radiographic cranes.

A few low loaders are built like tilt cars. Those low loaders enable us to transport valuable and fragile machines, disassembled, clean, dry and safe to any European destination. This is currently possible up to a maximum inner height of 3.50 metres.

Global logistics

Having an extensive network at our disposal, we specialise in large (logistics) total projects and are also experts in (door-to-door) shipping and delivery of heavy and large machines. This network is also capable of organising air transport to various destinations around the world, which means that we can offer our clients all conceivable transport services. We make sure that your cargo arrives at the agreed place on time.

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