Van Wieren Transport history

The early years

In 1942 the Noordoost polder ran dry. The brothers Jan and Lukas van Wieren worked as drivers for their brothers in the Wieringermeer polder. A lot of work was done for the Management Wieringermeer, in short called “The Management”. That organisation was also responsible for the cultivation of the Noordoostpolder (NOP). Shortly after the drying they moved to the NOP. A Ford truck with trailer was bought. Jan drove that and Lukas was given a vehicle from Wieringermeer. They worked for the Management with those. It was war. In October 1944 Jan’s vehicle was fired at from the air. They then stopped after hiding the vehicles under straw.

1945 - 1955

In May 1945 they return to the polder and carry on where they left off. On 1 October 1945 they register their company with the Chamber of Commerce as “gebroeders van Wieren” (“Van Wieren brothers”). The transport company then was one of the first companies in Emmeloord. In the early days they mainly transported building materials, cattle, household effects, machines and agricultural products. The office was in house and the garage was a so-called romney warehouse, built from corrugated metal plates. In 1953 the company moves to new premises at the Industrieweg in Emmeloord. The company now has ten trucks.

1956 - 1965

In 1956 Jan van Wieren passes away and Lukas has to continue the business on his own. A few years later the company building suffered a fire and partially burnt to ashes. Four of the twelve cars were destroyed. Those years were further mainly marked by technical innovations. Among others a special low loader was developed for the transport of building machines and a hopper for bulk products. International transport to a.o. Germany and France is started.

1966 - 1975

Besides the transport of agricultural products, in these years the transport of concrete walling units for housing construction is booming in particular. Also international transportation is growing. In 1972 the company transforms into a private company. In 1973 the company moves again, into a newly constructed building at the Randweg in Emmeloord.

1976 - 1985

The nephews Arjen and Harm van Wieren join the management in 1976. Van Wieren develops as an all-round transport company, active in the national and international market. The vehicle fleet now consists of tarpaulin combinations, cooling and freezing trailers, bulk containers, containers and low loaders. Besides Germany, Sweden and Italy are two of the weekly destinations. They drive to the Middle East, to Iraq and Saudi Arabia for a few years. In 1980 the company was expanded with a cold store and a storage hall. Lukas van Wieren, the last founder of the company, passes away in 1985.

1986 - 1995

Growth in various types of transport, a.o. the waste transport sector for which many containers were purchased. Heavier low loader combinations are invested in to allow the transport of increasingly larger shovels and caterpillar cranes. Reinder van Wieren joins the management in 1991. As from 1 January 1993 the inner borders disappeared in the EU. In the meantime, a considerable expansion of office and workshop had been achieved. In 1993 the company is certified according to the quality system ISO 9001. In that co-operation the subsidiary Coldstore Urk BV was founded in 1994 for the storage of frozen products.

1996 - 2005

These years are marked by changes in the transport market. Open borders, stronger competition, but also new opportunities. This leads to fundamental choices. The internal organisation must be adapted due to the strong growth in heavy transport, in order to serve the clients accordingly. Two subsidiary companies are created: For the tarpaulin, cold and frozen transport: Van Wieren International BV and the heavy transport is provided by : Van Wieren Special BV In the meantime the staff has grown to approx. 75 FTE. All the company segments are also certified according to the latest ISO norm 14001, which mainly focuses on environment and quality. In September 2004 director Reinder van Wieren leaves the company.

2006 - 2015

The branch in Konz is founded in 2006 due to the increasing demand for special transport in Germany. Harm van Wieren retired in late 2006. He managed the company for more than 30 years with Arjen van Wieren. In 2007 the ISO 22000 norm (food safety) is obtained for the company segments Van Wieren Beheer BV and Van Wieren International BV. In April 2008 a shareholding in L.C. van Tiel Logistics BV is acquired. Global (door-to-door) container shipping, exceptionally heavy or large loads now also are possible. In late 2008 Arjen van Wieren also retires.

In late 2010 the shareholding in Coldstore Urk BV is sold to the other existing shareholders.

In early January 2013 the subsidiary Van Wieren International BV becomes autonomous and continues in future as a separate legal entity, with other shareholders and a new management. The general day-to-day management of Van Wieren Beheer BV and its subsidiaries (exclusive Van Wieren International BV) is handled by Richard de Graaf since mid 2011.

In February 2015 Arjen van Wieren, former Managing Director and former shareholder, passed away.

2016 - present

Our shareholder and director Harm van Wieren passed away on the 22nd of January 2016.

At the beginning of 2018, in close consultation, we sold our interest in L.C. van Tiel Logistics BV.

The company is gradually growing into a major player in the special transport market, both in the Netherlands and in Germany. There will be more variety in the fleet; For example, lightweight combinations are ‘designed’ and purchased and the first 2-axle flatbed trailers are a fact. We will also acquire larger flatbed trailers with more axles to be able to transport heavier loads.

The first of October 2020 marked the company’s 75th anniversary. This historic milestone was obviously not celebrated because of the corona measures.

A small party ‘at a distance’ has been the delivery of a number of new anniversary trucks for which grandma Van Wieren had the honour of receiving the keys.